Boris Johnson outlines ‘conditional’ plan to slowly reopen society

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The U.K. government has taken its first tentative steps to ease some strict coronavirus lockdown measures and slowly begin to reopen society and the economy.

From Monday, citizens who cannot work from home are being “actively encouraged” to go back to work, but avoid using public transport if possible. People will also be allowed to take unlimited amounts of exercise from Wednesday.

In a televised addressed Sunday evening, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that very young children could be back at school by June 1 at the earliest, with older children having some time back with their teachers before the summer break.

Johnson added that “some hospitality places” could be open in July, also stating it will “soon be time” to impose quarantine on people traveling to the country by air. 

The prime minister has set out a series of steps for the lifting of the coronavirus lockdown.

In a ministerial broadcast Boris Johnson encouraged people in England to exercise outdoors more often, and those unable to work from home to travel to their usual place of work.

Mr Johnson also looked ahead to possible school re-openings in June and hospitality and public places returning to business in July.

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