Theresa May Resigns – Leaving ‘One Hell Of A Mess Behind’

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Theresa May Resigns

So, Theresa May resigns, leaving one hell of a mess behind for the Tory party and for UK.  In a tearful speech full of anger, resentment, sadness and frustration, she finally goes…!!  And now what?  It a big ugly mess for the next prime minister.  Theresa May is still acting prime minster while they get a new one.  But she seems rather relaxed and relieved now, going away on her lavish weekends in Brussels and other foreign engagements…. at the expense of the tax payer!!  Now could this mean that Brexit could be further delayed because of electing a new prime minster and the time to get things in order?  It will certainly take a lot of time, stress and pressure to move things forward with a new prime minister.  Can we even get a deal sorted out.  Some of the candidates for PM do not seem give a damn about making deal, just getting out of EU without a care for the people!  Give us more time… time… time!

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